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Medical Relief Alliance is currently fundraising for our Goat Hope Program. If five people donate $25 we will buy a dairy goat which costs $125 for a family living with HIV/AIDS in rural Kenya. The goat will be used to improve the family’s nutrition from the milk and supplement their income through the sale of surplus milk.

Ultimately, in 2010 MRA wants to purchase 100 goats for 25 families that represent almost 400 children, women and men affected with HIV/AIDS across rural Kenya. This means that each family will get 4 goats and have the ability to significantly improve their nutrition and income by almost 130% in the first year! To date MRA supporters have raised enough funds to purchase 40 goats. We still have to buy 60 goats. You and four of your friends or family can make this happen by pulling your $25 together. Log on to and donate securely. Your gift will go a long way in changing, and perhaps saving someone’s life.